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Work Experience
Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Educational Technologist
  • Manage an 16-computer faculty lab, including updating software on the systems
  • Train and tutor faculty on WebCT
  • Provide software support for faculty
  • Create and teach workshops for faculty and staff on various software programs including WebCT and Office 2003
  • Train faculty on the pedagogy of online teaching
  • Assist the faculty convert face-to-face classes to online courses
  • Create tutorials using Macromedia Contribute on WebCT functions and Microsoft Office 2003
  • Facilitate "Strategies and Realities of Teaching Online" for faculty at both the Carlsbad and Alamogordo campuses
  • Convert VHS tapes and DVD to online format for online course delivery
  • Create and manage the online Faculty Community through WebCT
  • Maintain the Title V Co-Op, Title V, and Learning Technology Center web sites
  • WebCT Certified Senior Trainer
  • Certified Online Instructor certification – completed by January 2006
  • Created and taught “Welcome to the Internet” workshop for approximately 1,100 patrons over a one-year period.
Part-time Instructor
  • CS 110 G - Introduction to Computer Literacy (online)
  • OECS 215 - Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • OECS 270 – Introduction to Page Layout using Adobe PageMaker
  • OECS 260 – Introduction to HTML (F2F and online)
  • OEGR 140 – Introduction to Page Design using Adobe InDesign (prepared the class, but it was cancelled)
  • OECS 110 - Introduction to PowerPoint
  • OECS 111 - Introduction to Outlook
  • UNIV 110 - Introduction to Computers (part of Developmental Studies -- I designed the curriculum and taught the course)

Web Designer and Business Owner

  • Owned and operated a web design business using Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, and all Microsoft Office products
  • Managed approximately 120 clients’ websites, domains, and domain names
  • Maintained and managed a Linux web server
  • Managed 15+ subcontractors in different areas of expertise
  • Created basic HTML websites for clients
  • Created advanced websites including e-commerce sites using PHP and other technology
  • Provided software, hardware, and marketing support for clients
  • Created printed documents for clients
  • Installed Windows-based networks for clients
  • Built personal computers from used parts for clients
  • Provided back-up support for a local computer business in Windows 2000 networks and personal computer application software
  • Created and maintained the Lakeview Christian Home website
  • Created and maintained the Carlsbad Public Library web site as librarian
Network and PC Technician
  • Provided Novell Netware 3.12 support
  • Installed and maintained Novell networks throughout a hospital system
  • Provided software and hardware technical support and training
  • Provided technical support on software and hardware used at all locations of the company (across the United States)
  • Provided customer software and hardware support.
  • Maintained all store accounts, ordering, and managed approximately five employees.
  • Ordered, installed and maintained all computers, which were Windows and Novell systems
  • Installed and maintained the Novell Netware 3.12 network in the business office (Lakeview)
  • Maintained two Windows 95 networks, one Windows NT 4.0 network, and one Novell 3.12 network
  • Maintained and upgraded all computers in the library (approximately 29 PC’s)
  • Provided computer network, software, and hardware support for other City departments
  • Ordered all computer equipment and supplies for the library’s computer systems
  • Wrote a grant to help provide computer systems and software for the library
  • Cataloged all new library materials in the cataloging system using MARC format
Technical Writer and Editor
  • Created a user manual for proprietary software written for an IBM System/36 network utilized across the U.S. in all warehouse facilities
  • Wrote articles for “The Laminator”, a weekly company newsletter.
  • Creator and editor of “Inside Lakeview”, a biweekly employee publication
  • Managing editor of “The Lakeview Story”

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