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Master’s in Instruction and Curriculum with an emphasis in Learning Technology.

December 2006. New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM.

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Courses Completed:

  • EDLT 522: Integration of Technology with Language Learning - Integration of technology with TESOL and Bilingual Education. Topics include the integration of technology with second-language learning models, sheltered English, the reading/writing process, problem-posing, development of a learner-centered curriculum, and alternative assessment.
  • EDLT 528: Educational Resources on the Internet - How to access, use, and design instructional resources on the Internet and use telecommunications to support educational projects.
  • EDLT 573: Critical Thinking and Technology - Explores computer tools which can serve as cognitive enhancers including databases, spreadsheets, simulations and web tools. Includes a critical analysis of multiple forms of electronic media.
  • EDM 581: Administration of Distance Education
  • EDLT 520: Introduction to Multimedia and Authoring Tools - Explores the educational potential of hypertext, hypermedia, and multimedia. Video, videodisc, CD-Rom, and multimedia authoring tools are used to develop education applications
  • EDUC 515: Multicultural Education - Conceptual manifestations of culture, race, and ethnicity, class, gender, exceptionalities, language and bilinguilism within the schooling process.
  • EDLT 529: Developing & Managing Educational Networks - For educators who plan to manage technology resources in schools. Focus on operating systems, network capabilities and management, connections and transfer of files between different computer platforms and managing peripheral devices.
  • EDUC 516: Curriculum & Pedagogy I - Introduction, reconstruction, and other connections among historical, philosophical, sociocultural, psychological, and theoretical foundations of curriculum and pedagogy and their application to culturally and linguistically diverse teaching and learning settings.
  • EDUC 517: Curriculum & Pedagogy II - Identification of action research problems in the field of learning technologies, design of study, data collection and analysis.(Action Research)
  • EDUC 519: Educational Research - An introduction to qualitative and quantitative designs for research in curriculum and instruction, with emphasis on action research.
  • EDLT 574: Technology Planning & Grant Writing - Application of principles of curriculum development to the integration of technology to improve educational programs. How to develop technology plans, assess current uses of technology, write grants to acquire technology, improve the management of existing and future learning resources, and develop staff development strategies in technology.


  • The Chancellor's List, 2005-2006

Bachelor of Management.

December 1997.  College of the Southwest, Carlsbad, NM.

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